Kareem Bailey-Longstreth

Kareem Bailey, a Bay Area based artist, is currently pursuing his BA degree in design studies at San Jose State University and has received an Associates degree in Liberal Arts at Mission College, Santa Clara. He takes an interest in painting, drawing, animation and photography. Kareem was able to take part in one showcase (before he graduated at Mission College) and show off a specific piece made in class. 


Marian Bambico

Marian Bambico, an interdisciplinary artist attending San Jose State University, focusses on colonial histories effects on modern society. Bambico, originally from Baguio, Philippines, reflects on her early childhood memories from home, and how she witnessed Western culture become ideologized. Her visual work and writings have been published in, “I Am From,” and her work has been exhibited in the Alma Mater, Skyline College, as well as in San Jose State University. 

Orianna Castillo

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Orianna Castillo is majoring in Graphic Design at San Jose State University and has obtained an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design from College of San Mateo. She currently owns her own small business where she sells handmade jewelry and accessories. She is a Show Us Your Type International Design Contest winner for her promotional poster of the city of Marseille, France and has had her photography featured in Refinery 29’s YouTube video promoting the #WieldingPeace social media campaign.


Karlie Castro-Kahn

Karlie Castro-Kahn is pursuing a BFA in photography from San Jose State University, and draws her inspiration from the ocean, staying active, and being creative. She’s currently working for one of the leading products, apparel and fashion photography studios in the United States, and also runs her own business as a free-lance photographer at KAHN Photography. Her ultimate goal is to earn her BFA and MFA in Photography and teach to help encourage and prepare others who plan on pursuing a career in arts. 


Diego Chavez

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Diego Chavez applies his photography practices with a design twist to them. As a graphic design major at San Jose State University, Chavez participates in graphic annotating projects where he seeks to put out the best design possible. His work has been showcased at the Graphics New Talent Annual book for 2021 that featured a computerized self-portrait, winning a silver medal in the end.


Shannon Gonzalez

Based in the Bay Area of California, Shannon Gonzalez is a student attending San Jose State University majoring in Studio Practice. One of their biggest inspirations and drives for creating art has been to find a mode of expressing their personal headspace which can be interpreted subjectively by the viewer. Through their work, they hope to connect with their audience and gain a better understanding of themselves in the process.


Tsahi Hughes

San Jose based media artist and student at San Jose State University, Tsahi Hughes, has a wide variety of art mediums that she uses in her overall art practice but mainly practices animation. She has created a collection of unique characters and has received commissions for advertising, logos and t-shirt designs for small local companies in her hometown. Hughes continues to develop her skills in animation to create short films for adolescent audiences in hope to work for, be featured in, or collaborate with a major animation company. 

@Tsahi Mikaela Hughes

Masao Kajiyama

Masao Kijiyama, an art student at San Jose State University, utilizes his countless years of training to create interesting compositions and color schemes in his paintings.  He is experienced in many different mediums including; acrylic, oil, and watercolor.  Kijiyama’s work is influenced by color; he introduces color theory into his pieces, and experiments with new color combinations. 


Alyssa Karlin

Alyssa Karlin is a Bay Area photographer in her third year at San Jose State University, where she is pursuing a BFA in photography. Alyssa’s inspiration is drawn from current events and nature. She has been featured in the pandemic pandemonium showcase, where she won the visual arts category with her triptych, “Spread,” which showcases the anti mask movement in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on society.


Leila Khabagnote

Leila Khabagnote is a Bay Area based artist who is currently studying photography at San Jose State University. Her diverse background, and exploration of different mediums including painting, graphic design, and digital media, influence her approach to photography; she is inspired by a combination of her direct surrounding environment and constant self-reflection. 

Her photographic piece “Mourning Touch” which symbolically used mundane items to explore feeling disconnected due to COVID-19 was selected to exhibit in the Pandemic Pandemonium Showcase. 


Anh Le

Anh Le is studying Graphic design at San Jose State University and she has a love for photography. Most of her works focus on two principles: simplicity and minimalism. In design, she is often inspired by Bauhaus and Swiss style that uses geometric shapes, images, and typography combined but very simple and minimal with little color and redundant detail.


Ha Le

Based in San Jose, California, Ha Le studies Graphic Design at San Jose State University and at the same time fell in love with photography. Much of her work has illuminated the beauty of the surrounding world including the daily rhythms of life, people, and nature. She utilizes the experience from her major to enhance her photographic work and focuses on theme, composition, lighting, and color. 


Charles Leon

Charles Leon is a San Jose State University student and a Los Angeles based Graphic Designer that has done work both in the visual arts field and visual identity; as well as photographic work. Apart from his work in the design field he has exhibited his graphic artwork at Avenue 50 Studios in LA; a show that featured a clash of graphical style with an inspiration in the rising street art around his community. As for his photography, his focus extends and constricts to both outside the city, and close up.


Victor Martinez

San Francisco based photographer, Victor Martinez, has been honing his photography skills for the past several years. Originally a graphic designer, Martinez blends his photography skills with his 10-year experience in design, forming a perfect union of his two passions. 

Martinez’s photography has allowed him to introduce another element to his design skills and extend the range of his talent further. 


Maximillian Pinedo

San Francisco Bay Area based photographer, Max Pinedo, has been developing his fashion and portrait photography skills since 2017. By immersing himself into the worlds of both photography and fashion, he has been able to pull creative aspects of each and implement them into his works. His focus on seemingly insignificant details is what makes him stand out from the crowd. 


Elaine Sheen

Elaine Sheen, an illustrator from Taiwan, faced many challenges growing up in a family that did not initially accept her work, but her persistence and hard work gained her a reputation she and her family are proud of. She had made a children’s book and received several awards in high school before entering one of the top art universities in Taiwan. She has achieved her goal of being accepted into the Animation and Illustration department at San Jose State University where she currently studies and continues to challenge herself in order to see the art of the world. 


Chengyuan Shi

Born in China, Chengyuan Shi is majoring in Digital Media Arts at San Jose State
University. He has participated in several Ohlone College Gallery exhibitions and has had the honor of being selected to participate in a local Fremont gallery show. Shi collaborated on an art installation called “Fast Fashion” that was exhibited at the Belcher Gallery at San Jose State University.